Origin Story

What is TSS? Obviously it stands for “The Shit Show.” But what does that mean? TSS is the thought that everything happens for a reason. We all become who we are because of the situations we have been provided with. Its not destiny, its not faith, its becoming a product of the environment that we are given.

When did your shit show begin?

Mine was on September 17 2006. The day my grandfather passed away. I lost a piece of me that day, one that I will never be able to replace. But this isn’t a sob story about the loss of a loved one, If you want to hear that you can check out episode 1 of the TSSpodcast. I cry its a real doozy.

By understanding what event set you down the path that you are on you allow yourself to have a better understanding of who you are. You start to understand why you make the decisions you make and why you are able to endure the things you can endure. Your most traumatic event can be the thing that gave you the strength to carry on.

This is just a small taste of the things that I have to say. Im not the best writer but I will always be open and honest about everything.

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